Down On The Farm

When was the last time you stroked a lamb? Or raced against a piglet (who can cover 9 miles an hour!) Or rode on a tractor trailer so you could see all around the farm? Have you walked a calf? Held a chick in the palm of your hand? Groomed an Angora rabbit with white fluffy fur?

Here you can.....come and join us, family fun as it·s meant to be!
Our family owned farm at Cholderton is a Rare Breeds Survival Trust Approved Centre; one of only 19 in the UK. First opened in 1987 it has quickly become a special place with many people returning again and again.

There are tranquil views over to Salisbury Cathedral and only 4 miles to Stonehenge, this is farm life as many would wish it.
Visitors can see our wide range of farm animals including the new ·Baby Farm·! Lambs, kids, piglets run around and can be handled and fed. With 13 breeds of sheep displayed in special paddock areas (including the seaweed eating North Ronaldsay), 8 breeds of pig, goats, cows, ponies, including the new Eriskay foal Merlin, poultry (18 breeds of chicken and 3 of turkey) and waterfowl there are many beautiful sights to see!
We take pride in our breeding programme, which is helping to save these precious animals including our Exmoor ponies, which are rarer than the Giant Panda.

Pets Park is a great favourite where you can sit and cuddle or stroke the friendly pygmy goats and sheep, and of course, rabbits under cover where you can watch babies in their nest and stroke bigger rabbits.
Animals Sales

We also offer a range of animals for sale and some are available for adoption. Phone or email for details:

  • Rabbits - many breeds

  • Sheep Norfolk Horn, Portland, Castlemilk, Hebridean

  • Goats - Golden Guernsey - Bagot - Pygmy

  • Exmoor Pony

  • Chickens and turkeys - 18 breeds

  • Pigs Saddleback,Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth

Gardens & Water Gardens

Wander through the beautiful water gardens, with streams and waterfalls & watch the Koi Carp swimming in clear waters. Sit and enjoy the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Other features include rose gardens, informal gardens with water features, a walkthrough archway with clematis, roses, honeysuckle and lots more.